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In the world of cinema and, even before, in that of theater, with the term blockbuster angolophone, we indicate those film productions that break the box offices around the world , making scorched earth around him and outclassing all the direct competitors in the race to the summit of the box office. As a part of what you watch free movies online now.

Inception / 2010

Cobb is the best information thief in the world: he manages to penetrate the mind of his goals when they are sleeping.

Pulp Fiction / 1994

Everything seems to start in a diner: at a table, Zucchino and Coniglietta talk about themselves, then set up the dynamics of a robbery, hold a gun each and put the place on fire. But they do not know that the killers Jules and Vincent are …

Forrest Gump / 1994

Forrest is about to review his beloved Jenny after several years: sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus that can accompany him, the man tells his daring life to the people who sit next to him.

Life Is Beautiful / 1997

Italy, Tuscany, World War II. During the persecutions of the Jews, Guido and his family were interned in Germany. To make his child, Giosué, the terrible experience of the lager more bearable, Guido explains.

Titanic / 1997

Thanks to sophisticated equipment, a team of treasure hunters explores the wreck of the Titanic, the famous transatlantic shipwrecked in 1912 during its maiden voyage. The goal is to find the Heart of the Ocean.

Edward Scissor Hands / 1990

Edward is an incomplete being: his loving creator died before completing it, leaving several pairs of scissors in place of his hands. The boy, therefore, lives hidden from the eyes of the people in the solitary laboratory of the inventor.

Shining / 1980

From the novel by Stephen King. Seen from the outside, the Overlook looks like a hotel like many others. No one, therefore, can even remotely imagine that within it there are terrible secrets. During the winter closing period.